Q&A Time: Mike Bordignon

PJHL Media

In this round of PJHL Q&A, Mission City Outlaws play-by-play man Mike Bordignon checks in with his perspective from the broadcast booth.

PJHL: You’ve had two stints with Mission City; what has changed from the first go-round with the organization to this one nowMike Bordignon: The players are a lot younger than I am now! The level that these young men play at now is a bit faster and more well rounded on how they read the game.

PJHL: When did you first start calling play-by-play and what do you think you’ve improved the most over your career?
MB:  My first jab at play-by-play was actually calling elite roller hockey. Friends of mine have a rink in Langley and I would live stream the games each week but my first taste of calling an ice hockey game was an exhibition game for the World Junior A Challenge when it was played at the Langley Events Centre back in November of 2011.  It was the Czech Republic vs. Sweden and names were the hardest part of calling that game. I like to think that my pronunciation of names has greatly improved over the years.

PJHL: Who are one or two Outlaws players you enjoy interacting with and/or give you the best interviews?
MB:  Just for the record, each one of the guys are great to interact with but if I have to choose it would have to be Kade Padgham and Josh Romeyn who always make sure they chat with me before and after. My best interview hands down is Romeyn as well.  Any time I need to fill time he never misses a beat.  Extremely professional and detailed with all his responses.

PJHL: Which Outlaws players have been your favourites to watch over the years?
MB:  There have been so many fun players to watch over the years. David McGowan, who captained the championship team back in 2016, was so fun to watch.  Super creative with the puck and was a well-rounded selfless player who seemed to enjoy setting up his teammates in the most creative ways possible. He also scored his fair share as well.

PJHL: Any new players this year, kind of under the radar, that fans should watch for in the second half of the season?
MB:  Outlaws don’t have a whole lot of new players this season but a couple players in their second junior season that I have been closely keeping an eye on are Grayson Pamplin and Ethan Dockrill. These guys work incredibly hard and, in my opinion, are not noticed too much by the opposition until it’s too late and the puck is in the back of the net.

PJHL: Which play-by-play broadcasters did you enjoy hearing when you were younger and who do you like that does NHL games now?
MB:  Well, I don’t think you can aspire to be a play-by-play broadcaster in the province of British Columbia unless you basically grew up idolizing Jim Robson. I have had a chance to meet and have a long conversation with Jim and the advice he gave me will stick with me for however long I continue calling games.  My favorite NHL broadcaster these days has to be Chris Cuthbert. Calls a game professionally and seems to have a ton of fun doing it as well.

PJHL: You’ve told us about the business staff at Mission City works really hard and has found success in partnerships. Anyone in particular on the business side that you’d like to mention?
MB: There are too many to mention! Our new ownership group this season has been extremely welcoming and eager to gel with the core group of volunteers and staff that we have with this team. Sponsorship has been huge as well and this team is all the more successful knowing they have the backing of the business community.

PJHL: How has the Outlaws brand and reputation grown in town over the last few seasons?
MB: The reputation has grown huge over the years. Outlaws have been out in the community and as a result the crowds are really good at the Mission Leisure Centre.  When I first joined the team we were lucky to have maybe 100 to 150 fans per game and now we consistently have 300 to 400. That’s a testament to the fun product they put on the ice and the exposure this team puts out to the community.